MayaWear - Life is Illusion...Dress Appropriately!

Since 2003, MayaWear™ has been providing cotton products created & produced exclusively by the talented and caring Mayan people in Guatemala.

At MayaWear™, we interact directly with the Mayan people to bring our customers the best in cotton products possible.

Through some discussions, we ask the MMayaWear Pictue of People on Clothayan people to utilize only the highest-grade quality cotton threads to prevent "bleeding" and running of colors along with having some of our products made just a bit larger than items you may find elsewhere.

By striving to bring this level of distinction to our products, it improves the look and increases wear-ability, thus ensuring the quality of the products that we sell to you, our customers.

MayaWear™ practices fair trade and as part of our mission brings income into an area or country in need. 

We strive to assist our Mayan friends to prosper by providing these wonderful products to you, your family and friends.

We hope you enjoy, as much as we enjoy bringing them to you, the products that we have to offer, whether the purchase is for you or as a gift for that special someone!





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