Bandana - "The Aura"

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#BAND115 - "The Aura" Bandana - Pinks, Purples, Yellows & Blues. 

MayaWear Bandanas look great on both Men and Women.

Made by hand on a wooden or back strap loom and is 100% high-quality cotton which makes it soft and comfy. MayaWear bandanas can be worn several different ways on the head either all the way open or small and stylish.

Wear forward on the forehead or back on the hairline. The elastic band makes it easy to fit most heads. Wear it anywhere, anytime. Great for bad hair days, motorcycle riding before and after, gardening, yoga, hiking, bicycling, traveling, cooking, working, etc.


They make great gifts!


Fits 20" to 22" heads depending on shape of head.

Hand Wash – Cold Water – Line Dry – Iron When Needed.